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Faculty Fellow (2018-)

The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) is an interdisciplinary public policy research institute founded in 1968 at Northwestern University. Our mission is to stimulate and support excellent social science research on significant public policy issues and to disseminate the findings widely—to students, scholars, policymakers, and the public. 


The Women in Quantitative Methods group is comprised of women of all career stages that develop, study, and implement advanced quantitative methods. The membership includes researchers at universities, research firms and government, as well as graduate students and post-docs. The group first met in 2014 and was formed to support the advancement of women in careers in quantitative methods through mentorship, networking events, and workshops.

Network Scholar

The Network’s mission is to advance our scientific understanding of learning mindsets in order to improve student outcomes and expand educational opportunity. It conducts original interdisciplinary research, builds capacity for high quality mindset scholarship, and disseminates the latest scientific knowledge through outreach to education stakeholders. The Network serves as an authoritative resource for reliable, research-based information about learning mindsets, including: Growth MindsetBelonging, and Purpose & Relevance.

Program co-Chair (2016-); Founding Member

The Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis SIG has three main purposes:
1. To promote the use of systematic review and meta-analysis to answer critical educational-focused questions.
2. To foster the development of systematic review and meta-analysis methods specific to applied research in education.
3. To educate researchers and practitioners on the best practices of meta-analysis.

Spatial Network Member

The Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center (SILC) is a Science of Learning Center funded by NSF to bring together scientists and educators to understand spatial learning and to use this knowledge to develop programs and technologies that will transform educational practice, especially in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Elected Member (2017-)

SRSM is a cross disciplinary society that supports and promotes the development and use of innovative and robust methods of research synthesis.

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