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Tipton (PI) & Hedges (co-PI)

The Generalizer is a free webtool that guides K-12 researchers through the process of (1) designing a sample recruitment plan with generalization in mind and (2) reporting where the results of a study may (or may not) generalize well.

Funded by the Spencer Foundation (2014-2018)

Portfolio Web Design

Tipton (PI)
& Spybrook (co-PI)

In this project, we will design a new webtool that for designing cluster randomized trials in K-12 education with both statistical power and generalizability in mind.


Funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (2017-2022)

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Yeager (PI)

In this study, a randomized trial of 9th graders was conducted within a stratified random sample of 76 high schools in the United States. 

I was involved in the design of the study, as well as in subsequent analyses related to the generalizability of findings.

For more info, so here

Generalizations: Project


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Generalizations: CV


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Generalizations: CV
Generalizations: CV
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